The Ready Set: Song For Taylor Swift

The Ready Set vient de sortir une chanson écrite spécialement pour Taylor Swift qui s’intitule For The Better. A écouter ici.

Capture d’écran 2013-01-27 à 12.27.24


One response to “The Ready Set: Song For Taylor Swift

  1. You’ve followed Taylor Swift ‘s love life a little bit, right? Yeah, we know, despite our best intentions, it’s kind of hard NOT to follow along, especially when it’s as addicting as her records (playing a song-by-song game of “guess the ex” is SO MUCH FUN). That in mind, remember when Taylor tweeted some cryptic portraits of herself in the recording studio after breaking up with One Direction ‘s Harry Styles? Which we took to mean that she’s currently hard at work writing a scathing new jam about him? Well, The Ready Set ‘s Jordan Mark Witzigreuter has sort of beat her to it, except in his new song, “For The Better,” he’s got some pointed advice for the ” I Knew You Were Trouble. ” songstress.

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