Francesqa’s breaking up

Le groupe Francesqa a annoncé aujourd’hui sa séparation, alors que l’on s’attendait à un futur album. Vous pouvez lire la déclaration du groupe ci-dessous.

“Hello everyone,

As a group we have recently had to make one of the hardest decisions any one of us will ever make. Over the past two years we have poured our hearts into writing music and Francesqa has taken us places in life that we never dreamed of being so before we tell you the purpose of this announcement we want to help you understand the reason for our decision.

Since Francesqa started there has been a bond between all of us as members that is as strong as the bond between family, we have sacrificed everything we have for each other and this band. We have given up jobs, torn relationships apart and been made homeless but we have always seen these things as the minor setbacks that we would have to face in order to achieve our goals. Sadly the lack of comfort in our lives began to take its toll and we were finding it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, this had a large impact on one of us in particular and we lost a member. We didn’t want to let ourselves be torn apart by the loss of our guitarist so we went ahead with a headline tour that had been booked prior to all of this. It was much harder than we had anticipated it to be and we gradually began to realise that we were no longer the band we had set out be. We finished the tour and returned home, we refused to give up all that we had worked so hard for and after a long talk we no longer felt like an empty glass but instead a glass waiting to be filled.

Everything changed, we wrote music differently, we approached life from a different angle and we finally felt like we could see that light again but there was still that voice in the back of our minds telling us that something wasn’t right and we had finally come to the fork in the road that led us to making our decision. It is time for us to call an end to Francesqa, it’s the hardest decision we have ever had to make but we feel it’s the right one. Music is still our lives and we hope you can understand our reasons for coming to this conclusion. Thankyou for all the support you have given us over the past two years, we couldn’t have lived it without every one of you. We hope to see you all soon.”


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